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Updating Project Attributes in a Collection


This tutorial shows how to view desired attributes for all projects in a collection, and easily update the associated values.

The steps followed in the above video are described in brief below:

  1. Click on Projects to view a table of all projects in the collection
  2. Click the Edit Columns button to customize the table to show the desired project attributes
  3. Select all of the projects that you would like to see in the table. In this demo project, there are limited attributes to choose from
  4. Click Submit and the table is updated to include the Diagnostic Status attribute
  5. Hover over a value, and the pen icon will appear. Click the pen to edit the value
  6. Use the Select an existing value to select from all values that already exist (this option is not available for numerical attributes. Where possible, this option is preserved to minimise spelling mistakes etc.
  7. If a new value is required, use the Add a new value option
  • Learn how to work with sample attributes here.