Solve more cases than an algorithm alone

A clinical research genomics platform for both automated identification of causative variants & team-based deeper analysis

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Diagnostics & Discovery

Collaborative analysis that provides the tools, visualization, and power to deep dive into the data & variants to improve diagnostic rate
Dig deeper with tools, queries, and visualizations
Share visualizations, observations and analysis results
Discuss case details, HPO terms, & results all in one place

From Cases to Cohorts

Organize, combine, and compare thousands of cases to get more out of your data
Create custom cohorts for analysis or management
Cohort level quality control
Use previous cases to diagnose new cases
Visualize samples across cases
Longitudinal analysis

Scaling Genomic Diagnostics

Mosaic provides access to data, tools, and teammates to accelerate and scale the manual as well as the automated diagnostic process
Scalable variant review workflow
Realtime variant querying, visualization, & sharing
Large catalog of versioned annotations
Automated prioritized variant lists

All Experts in One Place

Clinical genomic diagnostics requires a multidisciplinary collaborative effort. Having data, communication and results in one place lowers case time, streamlines compliance, and allows for further reanalysis and/or research
Medical Geneticists
Genetic Counselors