Change the way
you see genomic data

A collaborative platform to help you organize, explore, & understand the data advancing scientific discovery

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A Genomic Visualization Platform

Use a compelling visualization interface seamlessly integrated into your workflow.
Our Solution
Explore genomic data on an interactive visual platform
Query and interact with all charts, metrics, and attributes
Follow up on ideas immediately in real-time

Deploy data integration across silos

Organize genomic and phenotypic data across silos for data exploration and analysis.
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Access and organize data across s3 buckets and file systems
Facilitate integrated analysis across distributed data
Integrate genotypic, phenotypic, annotations, and meta data in charts, tables, and queries

Harness the power of collaboration with diverse teams

Connect teams and data across your organization to fuel collaborative research.
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Share insights across your organization with role-based collaboration
Jointly analyze data with team members
Share charts, data, & insights with a link or a click

Optimize efficiency across your organization

Save time and resources with your data on one secure, compliant, & scalable platform.
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Securely bring your genomic and other data together
Access compliantly across your enterprise with centralized logging
Power your web applications seamlessly using Mosaic's filtered variants, phenotypes and on-the-fly cohorts