Project Attributes


Project attributes table

View, sort and search project attributes

The project attributes table is located in the "Attributes" tab of the project dashboard.

  • The table supports the standard sort and search functions

Project attribute Actions

  • Import public project attributes. Public attributes can be shared across multiple projects.
  • Create a new custom project attribute. Attributes can be strings or floats.
  • Edit an attribute value

Edit project attribute

  • Pin or unpin an important project attribute to/from the dashboard. The attribute "name" and "name:value" formats are supported when pinning.
  • Make a project attribute public so it is available to be imported in other projects
  • Delete a project attribute


  • Important project attributes can be pinned to a project's dashboard
  • Project attributes can be charted in the Analytics view of a collection
  • Learn how to update project attributes in a collection