Genomic Analytics & Visualization Hub

Mosaic is a collaborative platform for organizing, visualizing, and understanding genomic data

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Organize your data

Mosaic's robust project management system makes storing and organizing your genomic data easy
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Distributed Data
Organize data from the cloud and local hardware in one place without moving it.
Secure & Compliant
Mosaic was built from the ground up with security and HIPAA compliance.
In-context Communication
Keep your conversations better organized and in-context by saving them right next to the data, chart, variant, or gene of interest.

Understand your data
Generate better insights

Visualize, interact with, and explore all your data to gain better insights
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Data Visualization
Visualize all your data including variants, alignments, genes of interest, phenotypes and meta-data. Scroll through 100's of charts quickly.
Genotype & Phenotype Analytics
Quickly explore potential correlations between genotypes and phenotypes. Create cohorts on the fly for downstream analyses.
Genomic Tools
Explore your data with a powerful suite of genomic apps.
Filter & Subset
Sortable tables and interactive visualizations make filtering and subsetting simple.

Build a Team & Collaborate

Increase the productivity of your organization by enabling high-quality communication and collaboration
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Fine Grained Collaboration
Role-based access enables project owners, member, and outside collaborators to work together with the right permissions.
Comments & Mentions
Mosaic allows you to attach comments to nearly everything. Start a discussion with the team or even notify an individual team member to ensure a response.
Notifications & Activity Feed
A project activity feed makes it easy to stay up to date on the latest changes and keep track of the team's progress.
Share Files, Charts, Variants, and Metadata
Share easily but securely with colleagues by simply sending a URL.

Extend Mosaic to fit your organization's unique needs

Quickly deploy in-house web applications and securely integrate into programs to access your data where and how you need it
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Securely Launch Web Applications
Quickly build & deploy secure applications by leveraging Mosaic's authentication, authorization, roles, and permissions.
Command Line Scripts Access
Securely integrate into command line scripts and pipelines, while respecting roles & permissions.
Power your Web Applications
Use Mosaic's filtered variants, phenotypes, on-the-fly cohorts and more as the input data for your web applications and programs.
Compliance Logging
Have a single log for sensitive resource-access, for both web applications and command line scripts.