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Phase I STTR Award

Gene.iobio is a popular variant analysis tool developed at the University of Utah in the laboratory of Professor Gabor Marth. With an average of 15,000 weekly page views, gene.iobio is used by academic variant analysts, clinical researchers, and is available to customers of a direct to consumer genomics company. In order to continue delivering a high-quality experience to all users, we have identified a number of areas in need of improvement, most notably, the speed and responsiveness of the app.

The NHGRI has awarded Frameshift a Phase I STTR grant (R41HG012536) to collaborate with the University of Utah to implement improvements to the gene.iobio app and provide a tighter integration with Mosaic. On completion of this development, large improvements to both gene.iobio and Mosaic will be evident, and we hope that both tools will become even more useful to the diverse group of researchers, clinical analysts and citizen scientists that currently rely on our visually focused tools.