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  • Awarded Two SBIR/STTR Grants

Awarded Two SBIR/STTR Grants

Frameshift Genomics has recently been awarded two grants from the NHGRI, a phase I STTR and a phase I SBIR. In collaboration with the Marth Lab at the University of Utah, these grants aim to improve the IOBIO real-time genomic visualization and analysis project.

Rapid and easy determination of genomic data quality problems is still challenging. Supported by one of these grants, we are going to expand our suite of quality control web apps to address localized data problems. By leveraging our data visualization expertize, we hope to ensure all researchers can quickly understand any issues with their data, prior to embarking on detailed analysis efforts. The second grant will help us to develop reporting infrastructure, so users can easily save and output comprehensive results.

As part of both of these projects, we will be improving the underlying IOBIO infrastructure. This will support our goal of ensuring users with specific installations requirements, driven by the use of sensitive patient data that cannot leave their own systems, can make use of our software.