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Award of Phase II SBIR

Frameshift Genomics has been awarded a Phase II SBIR grant from the NHGRI to pursue development of a genomic data management and exploration platform. Frameshift recognises that the rapid growth of genomic data, coupled with the complexities of managing and analysing it, is creating many problems for companies, researchers, and large genome projects. Many of us have experienced the frustration of searching for project data, misplacing, or not being able to reproduce study results, or wasted time trying to identify data problems. This SBIR will support Frameshift's efforts to build a novel platform to tackle these problems, making genomic data approachable for users of all levels of expertise. The platform will give users authenticated access to data wherever it is stored; let them explore the data using interactive data visualizations; and provide improved data quality control applications. All of this is to be developed on a robust API to support easy integration with 3rd-party projects and provide easy to use, powerful data management and analysis platform.