Alistair Ward

Alistair graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2000 with a Masters in Natural Sciences. In 2009, after a few years working in the UK, Alistair received a PhD in Physics from Boston College. He then performed his postdoctoral work in bioinformatics at Boston College in Gabor Marth's lab, before becoming a research assistant professor, and then a Director of Research and Science at the University of Utah. Alistair co-founded Frameshift with Gabor Marth and Chase Miller in 2005.

Chase Miller

Chase has a degree in computer science and a PhD in Biology. For his PhD thesis, Chase published several papers on visualizing big genomic data over the web, including the first IOBIO publication. At Frameshift, Chase continues to pursue better ways to utilize visualization to extract information and provoke insight from large, opaque genomic datasets.

Gabor Marth

Gabor is the head of the Marth Lab at the University of Utah and Co-Director of the Center for Genomic Discovery. He is a world renowned expert in the field of genomics and spends his time developing algorithms when he is not writing grants.

Nielson Phu

Nielson Phu joined Frameshift as its first Boston engineer. A former math teacher, he taught himself how to code and got his start doing Ruby on Rails development for a publishing company. He now enjoys building out and testing new features across several of Frameshift's apps, whether it be creating data visualizations or implementing backend infrastructure. Outside of work, Nielson is an avid tennis and chess player. He loves to travel and lived in New York and Hong Kong before settling back down in Boston.